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About Us

About Us

Sarah Gray is a self-taught designer with a passion for vintage fabrics. For many years, Sarah has collected "things" found in flea markets in many countries, like traveling for inspiration and worked for many years in fashion and lifestyle magazines in London.

Sarah has recently created her own brand, Little Miss Ella, named after her daughter Ella, as was thanks to her that Sarah was inspired to create bags to use for Ella and herself. As for the woven Little Miss Ella labels, Sarah decided to use the same company that produced her labels for her former nursery for its uniform clothing in England in the 1970s!

The first Little Miss Ella collection was a line of small drawstring bags called Kitty Bags sold at the Club55 boutique in St. Tropez. Since then, Little Miss Ella has developed a beach set with a basket including a Kitty Bag with a larger bag for wet items, both are waterproofed. There are two styles of baskets: one with a frill and another, with a material-closing piece sewed in at the top of the basket. The baskets are all handmade with high quality leather for the handles, closures and decorations.

For adults and children, you can also get waterproofed backpacks in Liberty, and in jeans. They are great for travelling, as they are light and useful as well as machine washable.

Little Miss Ella also created a "jeans" line with a bucket bag, boho bag with fringe, clutch bags for a casual-chic look after the beach. Ready for après-beach!

The entire collection produced with fair trade ethics.

In 2013, Little Miss Ella won the prestigious Best Exhibitor Award at Top Drawer show in London.

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